Questions to Consider for Parent-Teacher Conference

October 2013

Dear Parent,

You are invited to meet alone with me at Parent Teacher conference so we can make plans for the school year.  This is intended to be a partnership conference where you and I can get acquainted and begin to build a trusting relationship as well as support each other in the important task of educating your child.

In preparation of your visit, please give some thought to these questions:

  • What are your child’s special talents, gifts, interests, abilities and needs that should be kept in mind?
  • Do you feel like your child is safe, engaged, supported, challenged?
  • What are your expectations for your child this year?
  • What can I do as your child’s teacher to support him/her in meeting those expectations?
  • What are your feelings about homework this year?
  • What are your worries concerning your child?
  • What can I do as your child’s teacher to alleviate those worries?

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Mrs. Jenkins


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