BizTown Results

Congratulations to our new job holders!!

City Hall

Mayor:   Elijah Cook

Recycling Specialist:  Emma Bauman


Century Link

CEO:  Grace Fearnley

CFO:  Wyatt Kimball

Designer:  Isaac Raymond


First Security Bank

CEO:  Morgan Groscost

CFO:  Blaklee Butler

Teller:  James Larson

Teller:  Samantha Martinez

File Clerk:  Isaac Visser


Prows Construction

CEO:  Parker Barton

CFO:  Bryan Payne

Safety Inspector:  Connor Washburn

Project Foreman:  Dillon Richins


ReAL Salt Lake

CEO:  Nate Schettler

CFO:  Ben Howarth

Sales Manager:  Emma Plowgian


Salt Lake City School District

Superintendent:  London Barlow

Business Administrator:  Noah Eldredge

Teacher:  Skyy Crowley


United Way

CEO:  Akira Christensen

CFO:  Josie Maguna

Advocate:  Madylin Shepherd

Giving Director:  Hannah Voss

Volunteer Coordinator:  Elena Wayman


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