SAGE Testing Schedule

Our end-of-year testing schedule has been finalized.  Please, please make sure that your child is in school for our scheduled days.  It’s difficult for students to make up the test, as they miss out on classroom instruction.

The tests this year are brand new and will be very different from those in the past.  They are quite interactive and require students to use a variety of skills for a single problem, including writing.  We have begun to practice at school and I encourage students to practice at home as well.  They have been given their log-in number and password for the site:

2014 SAGE Testing Schedule

Tuesday, April 15  8:45 AM                   Writing

Wednesday, April 16  10:30 AM          Writing

Tuesday, May 13  10:30 AM                 Language Arts

Wednesday, May 14  10:30 AM           Language Arts

Thursday, May 15  1:15 PM                   Science

Tuesday, May 20  8:45                           Science

Wednesday, May 21  1:15 PM               Math

Thursday, May 22  10:30 AM              Math


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