Biz Town Jobs!!

We held interviews today for our jobs at Biz Town!  Thank you parent volunteers to came to interview our young prospective employees.

The outcome of the interviews are below.  Congratulations to all!!

City Hall

Mayor:  Taft Goodwin

DJ:  Jade Pector

Environmental Specialist:  Bryanna Wyss

Larry H. Miller

CEO:  James Gibby

CFO:  Ashton Ferguson

Sales Manager:  Crew Rogers


CEO:  Aiden Rod

CFO:  Cross Larsen

Sales Manager:  Zoe Caldwell

Sales Manager:  Mikey Christensen

Merit Medical

CEO:  Kate Goodwin

CFO:  Ben Horton

Sales Manager:  Corbin Sanchez

RC Willey

CEO:  Petra Mickelson

CFO:  Chloe Sagers

Sales Manager:  Hanna Nilson

Select Health

CEO:  Ethan Astle

CFO:  Austin Buehner

Sales Manager:  Lily Barton

Zions Bank

CEO:  Benj Baker

CFO:  Sam Walker

Savings Manager:  Ali Swensen

File Clerk:  Gwen McConkie

Teller:  Tala Goddard


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