Congratulations On Your New Job!

JA City Panorama-6e5809e446They came to school dressed for success in suits and ties and heels and skirts.  The tension was so high you could cut it with a knife as the students waited anxiously for their JA BizTown interview.

Everyone interviewed extremely well and we have filled all of our job openings:


Jack Larson

Town Treasurer

Trevor Sperry


KSL-TV & Deseret News

CEO:  Matthew DeFreitas

CFO:  Ammon Owen

Ad Executive:  Raina Stearns

Camera Operator:  Izabelle Wood

On-Air Personality:  Violet Powell

Editor:  Harvey Jones


Larry H. Miller

CEO:  Lily Taylor

CFO:  Conner Osborne

Sales Manager:  Logan Sorensen


Utilities:  Rocky Mountain Power & Questar Gas

CEO:  Evan George

CFO:  Dillon Jordan

Meter Reader:  Damian Washburn


Select Health

CEO:  Katherine Carlston

CFO:  Stella Reichman

Health Care Manager:  Andrew Russell


Workers Compensation Fund

CEO:  Sydney Sundberg

CFO:  Eitenne Van Ginkel

Safety Inspector & Ergonomics Specialist:  Monica Wayman


Zions Bank

CEO:  Maya Evans

CFO:  Sloane Hadlock

Teller:  Eliza Arveseth

Teller:  Kate Larson

File Clerk:  Ethan Stewart


6 thoughts on “Congratulations On Your New Job!

  1. good job everyone!!!!!!! i hope you all feel satisfied with your job!! i know i am and i know there was a competition for on-air personality but all those who wanted to be it did a super great awesome job!!!

  2. Nice job guys!!! You are all super awesome students and I know that it was hard work getting all those papers done but we all got through it! Also, thankyou Mrs.Jenkins for helping us through the hole thing and we all had a lot of fun and couldn’t get through this without you.

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