About Mrs. Jenkins

I grew up just across the way at the foot of Mount Olympus in East Mill Creek.  After graduating from Skyline High School I went on to the University of Utah where I began my teaching and learning education.  I recently returned to Utah after living in Connecticut where I taught 5th Grade Math at Elm City College Preparatory Middle School in New Haven, a school serving the underprivileged.  My husband and I loved our time spent in charming New England living in a small shoreline town, but I missed my family in Utah and am so happy we’ve returned.  My three children are the pride and delight of my life.  If my children are the lights of my life, then my grandchildren, or grands, as I call them, are my sparklers; I have nine of them! Five boys and four girls.  Oh, and I suppose I do have one more furry family member, our Golden Retriever, Bo.  In my spare time I enjoy working in my garden, reading, quilting, family gatherings, entertaining, collecting children’s books, riding Tasket, my blue coaster bike, and scootering with my husband, the fantastic Mr. Jenkins.  I feel completely fortunate to have returned to my roots in the mountains and am thrilled to be a part of Canyon Rim Academy.

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31 thoughts on “About Mrs. Jenkins

  1. I love your pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. I also love the blog page thanks for keeping us updated. I enjoyed being in the classroom for a little bit today.

    Melissa Child

  2. Such cute Pictures! I love having this available to look at and keep us updated! IT is so nice to know what is going on and We love being in your classroom! You are so amazing! Thanks for all you are doing!
    Tami Visser

  3. Mrs.Jenkines you are a good teacher and nice. Iwill give you a note about spring
    brake that i had first i went to airzona to get to the grand canyon and then i went
    to last vages and i staed in the a hotel that had a bol on the top and it has rides
    on the side of it.It was very fun and i went with my frind Jane and my little sisters frend james we had a lot of fun iwent ot the shark’s ref.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I love what did during Spring Break!!! Sounds like a bunch of fun! I LOVE the Grand Canyon. You are so lucky!

      I went to Florida! We stayed on two different beaches. One on the west coast, which is on the Gulf of Mexico, and the other on the east coast, which is on the Atlantic Ocean.

      I was so happy to talk with both you and Miss Merry today! I’m looking forward to having you in my class next year!

      • that sounds so much fun i have never i mean never had bean in Florada before and it sones cool wene you said on the west cost wich was Gulf of Mexico.
        i will have so much fun in your class oh, and here is my dad’s gmail so you can
        contat here and tell her why i want to go to your class next year here is my dad’s

  4. Hi Lisa do you know a guy named Keaton Hacking. He is 5th grade and he is at Eastwood elementry also.i went there before i went to Canyon rim and i miss playing with you at recess and everyone elso talk to you soon.

    • Lisa,
      We haven’t started UtahWrite yet….but will soon. If students earn a 30 in my class they get a Subway sandwich! Hope you are enjoying your new school.
      Mrs. Jenkins

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