Spelling Lists

Spelling List for Week of May 23

Greek & Latin Roots:

sol – sit

mon – only one













Challenge Words









24 thoughts on “Spelling Lists

  1. Mrs.jenkins I miss you so dearly. I am not going to forget you. Please give me your address and text number so I can come to your house or text you. Even when I am in high school I will come to see you. I will teach my friends about sportsmanship pe and tell them the great time we had together. My brother and sister want you as their 5th grade teacher. Please stay in 5thgrade and have your next class have Friday fun, sportsmanship pe and have the most amazing teacher I had ever had. You are the bomb of my life. You gave us cake , Popsicles , cookies and chocolate bars. We succeeded in language arts math science and social studies. We were the best class at manners and the constituon play. You made us happy and we enjoyed your humer.

    I think this was my best teacher in my whole entire life.

    Thank you for being my teacher

    • Oh my goodness, Clayton. This is an amazing, heartfelt note. Thank you. I will never, ever forget my first class at CRA. You are the best.

      Mrs. Jenkins

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Thx I am very happy that you were my teacher. On the first day of school I thought you wouldnt be as good as a you are at teaching. Thx for helping me understand fractions better and decimals. This year changed my life. From laughter in the class room to building a “secret garden”. Hope that your class next year will understand how awesome you are. They might not reach 300 fish but they might get close. I hope they don’t make you get 3 treats in a day like on Thursday. Hope you get mrs Allen classes reading buddies again and again you are the most favorite teacher in the world.

        This is sent from my iPod touch
        Clayton ( one of your great students from pier 20)

        P.s “thank you thank you very much” get it hahahahahah

      • Your notes make me smile! Thank you SO much.

        I’m happy it’s been a good year for you. It’s been an amazing year for me — because of all of you!

        I know it’s going to be hard for any class to measure up to my first class in Pier 20. And 300 fish??? I’ll bet that NEVER happens again.

        My address is:
        1468 Alpine Avenue
        Deercrest, Utah 84032

        My phone is:

        See you tomorrow!

  2. Mrs Jenkins I am making book. I have been doing it for 7 weeks. It is going to be at least 15 or more. If I finish before or after the school year has started I will give you a copy. It is called the undercover series at black bends keep. I will laminate it and you can put it in your library!

    See you on mon wends and fri at 10:00 to water pumpkins

      • Has anyone send any texts to ya. Am I the only one talking to you. Can you give me a copy of those cheers , I want to remember. I still have 2 books of yours should I return them during the summer or when I am in 6th grade.

        Cla8on Rasmussen

    • Hi Clayton…..no worries about the pumpkins. I’ll see if Shea is available. I was at the school today and watered them. They were thirsty! They’re doing so well!!! Hopefully we’ll have a big harvest in the fall.

      Hope you’re doing well! Have a fun 4th ….and be careful with the fireworks!

      • I didn’t light any fire works I saw them at Rsl stadium. I feel so terrible not watering the pumpkins

  3. Guess what. My iPod touch fell now I have a slit across my phone. I would be happy to water pumpkins this month. So just text me the deets ( details) when I can.


    • Guess what mrsjenkins Im getting a dog. He is a choclate lab and we are going to name him Hurley and his nick name is going to be hugo. I saw Shea going down to the school while I was at soccer camp


  4. Hi Mrs. Jenkins! this is Hannah! Ive been having some problems with homework on Mondays and Thursdays mostly because of band. i will forget my homework in my mail box and think that i have when i don’t. i know the homework is on the website but i don’t have a printer! when this happens i don’t know what to do! i know tomorrow i can stay in for lunch but, i have a friend and i feel bad when we cant hang out cause she is not in the class and shes the only friend i have. what do i do?

    • I know it’s late, but next time you can do the problems on a piece of paper without printing it out. Otherwise, for tomorrow you can come in early, I’ll be there. Thank you so much for letting me know. Let’s figure out a way to remember your homework on Mondays and Thursdays.

  5. Mrs. Jenkins,
    I cant find my Blue Sheets! Can i just do them over the weekend and turn them in on Wednesday??? I feel so so so bad i don”t know what happened! I will try and find them if i cant can i just get a new copy tomorrow?? I cant stand not being able to turn them in tomorrow! I will do them again over the weekend! Thx!!!


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